Ajib Abdus-Salaam, CEO

Ajib Abdus-Salaam was one of the first students to attend the African American Islamic Institute Quran School in Senegal, West Africa, which was founded by renowned humanitarian Shaykh Hassan Cisse (RA). Ajib is currently the President of Nasrul Ilm America and CEO of Faydah for Hajj & Umarah Inc. Ajib regularly organizes a variety of humanitarian efforts in the community, from distributing food and clothing to homeless people to creating programs that raise awareness about the importance of arts and education. His actions are recognized throughout the world and he is striving to help humanity one family at a a time.


Hassan Abdus-Salaam, Director

Hassan Abdus-Salaam is a native New Yorker with a passion to improve the state of humanity. He is constantly involved with community outreach in urban neighborhoods across New York City. Hassan studied in Senegal, West Africa for many years under the guidance of renowned humanitarian Shaykh Hassan Cisse (RA), who spearheaded a major initiative to distribute rice in Senegal. Witnessing Shaykh Hassan's actions firsthand inspired Hassan to continue the legacy through Help For Humanity.